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101 essential dog health and safety tips book

sometimes Prevention is the only medicine

101 essential dog health and safety tips book

Our book is packed with 101 expert tips to help prevent suffering, and costly trips to the vet.

Book Reviews

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90-page, full color book

Dog Health and Safety Tips Frenchie

“The book is very easy to read, and is full of great information. It includes everything I wish I could tell a new pet owner during their first appointment, if only I had the time to spend the whole day with them!”

Dr. Tanya ten Broeke — Veterinarian
Dog Health and Safety Tips Chihuahua

“Great book for first time and long time dog owners. I've raised guide dogs for over 20 years and many pet dogs over my 52 years and I still learned from this book. Great info for the money.

Barbara S. — Dog Owner
dog health and safety tips rottweiler

"I've had dogs my whole life, but it's been a long time since I raised a puppy. The book is very easy and fun to read, making it a great way for kids to learn how to help keep puppy safe also. I love the real life examples of what can go wrong in an everyday situation to learn how to avoid heartbreak and hassles.”

Trish — Dog Owner
dog health and safety tips book

“As an emergency and critical care specialist, I have found myself saying these things to many surprised clients, time and time again! Had they known this simple wisdom, they would have not put their pet at risk and likely would have saved them money, too! This book is a must for the new pet owner!"

Dr. Karl Jandrey — Veterinarian, Emergency & Critical Care Specialist
dog health and safety tips book

“Great little book for new (and experienced) dog owners. Definitely a book that should be in every dog owner's library. I've had dogs all my life, but I'm a sucker for quick "bathroom" reads like this. For $10, I thought "why not?" What a great little reference book! I knew some of the info already (again, experienced dog owner), but I picked up several new tips that might save me (and my little guy) a trip or two to the vet.”

Benjamin R. — Dog Owner

Sample Book Pages — Look Inside

  • 101 essential dog health and safety tips for kids book
  • 101 dog health and safety tips book
  • 101 dog health and safety tips
  • 101 dog health and safety tips
  • 101 dog health and safety tips

101 Essential Tips - Puppy or New Dog - Health & Safety

Highly recommended by dog owners—greatly appreciated by dogs!


Bite-sized tips with real-life stories and fun, colorful illustrations. Great for the whole family!


Just one tip could save your dog’s life. Learn from the experiences of others.


Avoid expensive and heartbreaking trips to the vet for preventable accidents and illnesses.

Expert Advice

These dog care tips are packed with actionable solutions and recommendations.

A Must-Read

Absolutely essential for new dog owners, and longtime owners will learn new tips!


Learn what others don’t know. Be the smartest person at the dog park!

Dr. Jason Nicholas

About the Author

As an ER and general practice veterinarian, Dr. Jason Nicholas (“Dr. J”) has been witness to countless heartbreaking cases where loving, responsible pet owners arrive distraught and (often) guilt-ridden, at all hours of the day and night, with pets suffering in distress and in pain. In a majority of these cases he knew that they could have easily been prevented—had the owner only known a “simple” bit of information or had recognized the warning signs earlier. Repeated exposure to these preventable situations, helped to transform Dr. J into “The Preventive Vet.” Since 2011, he has become a leading pet health and safety expert, who regularly appears on radio, television, and in social media dispensing valuable advice, awareness, and pet tips. Although a fun-loving person with a casual style and sense of humor, he’s a stickler for accurate, thorough and compelling information. As a husband, father, pet owner, and practicing veterinarian, he also knows that life can get hectic quickly… especially with a new dog. He recognized the need and so the indispensible, fun and easy-to-read, life-saving 101 Essential Tips was born. Dr. Nicholas makes Portland, Oregon, his home, where he lives with his wife and their two young daughters. Their family is kept smiling and laughing with the help of their superdog, Wendy, and ever-cool cat, Smudge.


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