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PV Partnerships for Nonprofits

Support The Oregon Humane Society

Preventive Vet is proud to partner with Oregon Humane Society! OHS is the largest humane society in the Northwest, and adopts more animals from its Portland shelter than any other single-facility shelter on the West Coast.

OHS puts no time limits on how long animals remain at the shelter—a pet stays available for adoption for as long as needed to find a loving home. And, if a pet in the care of OHS needs medical attention, their veterinary hospital provides the pet with same level of care you would want your own pet to receive.

Get your books below and support Oregon Humane Society today!

Preventive Vet’s mission is to help people and their pets live longer, happier, healthier lives — together. We also support great nonprofit organizations that share our mission and do phenomenal work.

How does it work? Simply purchase a book (or books) on this page, and we will donate 15% of the sale price to the Oregon Humane Society. It's that easy!