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Traveling With Pets – Tips For Taking Them With You Or Leaving Them Behind

With Labor Day weekend upon us, we assume that many of you might be packing up and heading out of town for some much needed R&R or holiday fun. So we wanted to provide you with a few pet travel tips and considerations, regardless of whether your cats and dogs will be joining you for your trip or staying behind.

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Skin Cancer Precautions – Even For Indoor-Only Pets

Sun-Induced Skin Cancer In Dogs & Cats

We’re all familiar with the role the sun plays in contributing to skin cancer in people, right? But are you aware that sun exposure can also lead to the development of skin cancer in cats and dogs? It’s true, and the most common type is called squamous cell carcinoma (which is also a common sun-induced skin cancer in people!).

While any cat or dog that spends any time outside (or lounging on a windowsill) on a sunny day is at risk, there are certain other factors that increase their risk. Some of these include:

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Do Dogs Need Sunscreen?

Just like people, dogs can get skin cancers that can be affected by prolonged or repeated sun exposure

As with many questions though, the answer to the question of whether or not to apply sunscreen to your dog isn’t exactly straightforward. Whether or not your dog needs sunscreen can be influenced by many different factors. Including, amongst others…


  • How much time your dog spends outside, and during what part of the day?
  • Where do you live? (factors: altitude; hours of daylight; etc.)
  • What color is your dog’s coat?
  • How thick and full is their coat?

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