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Is It Legal to Break a Car Window to Save a Dog?

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How The Sunshine State Stepped Up Big For Animals

State Laws Are Helping Pets Left In Hot Cars 

In case you missed it, some big news that benefits both animals and people recently came out of Florida…

In March, Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 131, making the “Sunshine State” just the second state where you now have legal protection to break into a locked vehicle to save a cat or dog (or other “domesticated pet” animal) that is in “imminent danger of suffering harm” due to their confinement in a hot vehicle. (Tennessee led the way in 2015, when their Governor, Bill Haslam, signed House Bill 537 into law.)

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Topics: pet safety, Summer Pet Safety Tips, Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stress, Heat Stroke, Dog, Signs of Heat Stroke, Cat

Heat Stroke: Are Some Journalists and Bloggers Part of the Problem?

I recently read a story about a puppy who was rescued by animal services from a hot car, fortunately before any serious injury occurred. While I was so happy to hear about the quick action of both the concerned person who called it in and that of the animal services officer who facilitated the rescue of the dog, I was more than a bit put off by the presence of a particular phrase in the article. This is the sentence the phrase is in, can you guess the concerning words?

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Heat Stroke: What can I do if I see a pet in a parked car?

We all know that heat kills pets, right?

You've likely read stories about dogs that have died of heat stroke after having been left in a car on a hot day. Maybe you even know someone who lost a pet to heat stroke as a result of leaving their pet in a parked car? But would you know what to do if you ever encountered such a situation?

Take these three scenarios, for example…

Scenario #1… You're walking by a parked car on a warm day. You notice, there under the dash, a dog panting away with big, wide-open, clearly distressed eyes. There are slobbery nose prints and fog on the inside of the window.

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