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Choosing the Right Puppy Class

Early socialization and training are essential for setting your new puppy up for success. It can be overwhelming for new dog owners to choose the right class with all of the options out there.

Merely taking your pup to the dog park isn’t enough to properly socialize them — an uncontrolled environment can often lead to bad experiences and can expose your puppy to harmful illnesses! It’s essential to manage their experiences during the critical socialization window known as the imprint period. You want to make sure that your puppy learns how to interact appropriately with dogs and people, and group classes provide a great environment to do this. Classes are also a perfect place to practice necessary training skills around distractions.

Get help socializing your puppy during COVID-19 in our Puppy Essentials Socialization Foundations Workshop.

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When To Start Socializing Your New Puppy

Many people ask when to start socializing their new puppy – and receive many different answers!

It’s possible that you’ve received a different answer from your breeder or shelter than you have from your trainer, and it’s equally as likely that you’ve even received an answer from your vet that’s different from both of those. So who’s right? When exactly should you start socializing your new pup?

There’s no doubt that puppy socialization is an important topic.  We’ve all seen the sad results of dogs who weren’t properly socialized, and many of those dogs end up abandoned or in shelters.  The need for proper socialization for dogs just makes sense inherently, doesn’t it? And now a building mountain of scientific evidence is helping to prove it, too.

Get help socializing your puppy during COVID-19 in our Puppy Essentials Socialization Foundations Workshop.

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How To Socialize Your New Puppy and Why It’s Important


You’ve added a new puppy to your home and family. What a wonderful feeling and what a great adventure you’re in for!

That adventure can be that much better – both for you and for your pup – if you take some simple steps and invest the time necessary.  You want to get him used to his surroundings and the life he will now be living – both with you specifically, and within society generally.

This process is generally known as “socialization,” but here at Preventive Vet we like to call it "Proactive Exposure Training" to better encompass all of the different experiences your dog will have. It's more than just providing social time with other dogs and humans — you want to introduce your pup to different noises and textures as well! It’s easy and fun to do, as well as vitally important, too.

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