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Articles about Dog Treats

Choosing the Best Dog Treats

Updated: July 22, 2020

Dr. Wallace shares her tips for making your own healthy dog treats and how to determine what's healthy by learning how to read product labels.

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Homemade High-Value Dog Treats

Updated: May 21, 2020

Learn how to make high-value treats your dog will love! Tahini, peanut butter powder, and nutritional yeast combine for a healthy and delicious treat.

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How to Use Dog Training Treats the Right Way

Updated: April 18, 2020

Why food treats are important to use in training, how to avoid using food as a bribe, and how to ensure that your dog doesn’t become fat or overweight in the process. You’ll learn how to choose the best training treat for your dog and how to use treats effectively in your dog training journey.

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Be A Slot Machine: How to Fade Out Treats in Training

Updated: August 26, 2020

Dog treats are important and useful when first introducing a new behavior when you’re training your dog. But when you'd like to, it’s easy to fade out the use of food rewards while training your dog — and it’s one of the most important steps in teaching a behavior.

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Shopping List: Help Your New Dog or Puppy Settle In Easier

Updated: April 12, 2020

Ease your dog's adjustment period by being well prepared with products and aids that can help your new dog settle into their new life faster. This article covers everything from calming aids (incl pheromones and music), to how to turn bedtime into sleeptime, as well as safe toys and crate essentials.

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#IfOnlyIKnew: Baking Healthy Killed This Dog!

Updated: September 26, 2018

As is common for people on diabetic-friendly or ketogenic (keto) diets, or any other low carb diets, Melissa replaced the sugar called for in her bread recipe with xylitol, an all natural and increasingly common sugar substitute that’s safe for people but extremely toxic to dogs. Here's her story.

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