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When A Safety Is Worth More Than Two Points: Super Bowl Pet Safety Tips

Denver v. Carolina!   Broncos v. Panthers!
Super Bowl Sunday is almost here!

Who’s excited? Who’s having people over? Who are you rooting for?

While it has yet to be decided whether Peyton and the Broncos can rule the day and win their third franchise Super Bowl, or if Cam and the Panthers will be able to put the cherry on top of an amazing (near perfect) season to win their first, I can tell you that all pet-owning football fans should be on the same side in at least one respect.

You see, regardless of who gets to hoist the Lombardi Trophy Sunday evening, the one thing everybody can agree on is that nobody wants to spend ANY part of the big game at the Animal ER and nobody wants to see their beloved pet suffer from any of the poisonings, illnesses, or injuries that are common on Super Bowl Sunday. Am I right?

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Removing the Fear and Anxiety From Your Dog's Vet Visits

Fear-Free Vet Visits - How Grrrreat!

Were you aware that there’s a big push within the veterinary profession to minimize the fear and anxiety that dogs (and their people) feel with veterinary visits? It’s called the Fear Free movement - and it’s a movement that’s super important… and long overdue.

The Fear Free principles are, in large part, based on the wonderful work of the late, great Dr. Sophia Yin, as well as Dr. Karen Overall, and a lot of other wonderful animal behaviorists, trainers, and veterinarians. Dr. Marty Becker has, along with others, taken up the mantle to educate about, promote, and further the principles of the Fear Free movement. And, as you would expect, he’s proving to be a great spokesperson and champion for the cause.

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Lost Dogs (and Cats): Your pets versus 4th of July fireworks

Do you know what day is historically one of the busiest days of the year in animal shelters all across the US?
– It’s July 5th!

Do you know why? Yup, you guessed it… fireworks!

In reality though, that’s only partially right. The real reasons are a bit more involved than just “fireworks.” And to truly do something about the staggering number of pets that wind up in shelters each year on July 5th, it’s important that you be aware of these reasons. Of course, it’s even more important that you’re aware of and take the easy steps to prevent your cats and dogs from becoming lost and also increasing your chances of being reunited with them should your preventive efforts fail.
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