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Articles about Dog Safety

How to Teach Your Dog to Stay

Updated: September 22, 2020

Teaching your dog to stay when asked is essential for their safety and useful in a variety of situations. Stay promotes relaxation and is easy to teach!

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Top 5 Training Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe on Halloween

Updated: October 20, 2019

Halloween can be scary for your dog with people coming to the door. Many pets escape and get lost, or eat toxic ingredients of treats. Read these tips on how to keep your dog safe this Halloween and help them enjoy the night.

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Getting Your Dog Ready for the 4th of July

Updated: March 23, 2020

Fireworks can be scary for your dog - but they don't have to be! Read about what you can do to prepare your dog for July fourth and the fireworks, keep them from escaping and become lost or missing, plus more Independence Day prep and safety tips!

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