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Using a Blacklight to Discover Dog Pee Accidents

Despite your best efforts, sometimes your dog’s potty training may not be going exactly according to plan. If your dog isn’t always making it outside to potty, pee stains and odors can be lurking in your carpets. You may not even know that your dog is secretly going potty in your home until you smell a hint of pee.

How do you know if your dog has been having accidents indoors?

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Cleaning Up Puppy Pee and Poo Accidents

Puppy potty accidents are just no fun. Not only might you not find them until you step in them, but even once found they may encourage your pup to potty in the same spot unless cleaned up promptly and properly. And like everything else about puppies, cleaning up their messes isn’t necessarily as straightforward as you might think. Just because you can’t see or smell the mess any longer, doesn’t mean your dog can’t! Below are the important steps and things to be aware of to best clean up dog pee and poop in your home.

A quick note about dog potty accidents themselves: Contrary to what some people might think, dogs don’t pee and poo in the house out of spite or because they’re stupid. Most potty accidents happen for one of three reasons … (1) your pup doesn’t yet understand where they’re supposed to go, (2) you’re not giving your pup ample and frequent enough opportunities to do their business outside, or (3) your dog has a medical problem (e.g., urinary tract infection, intestinal parasites or virus, or an anatomical defect, such as a patent urachus or ectopic ureter) that makes control difficult. Check out this article for more on the possible causes of puppy potty problems and how you can help them (and yourself).

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Potty Training Your Puppy When You Live In An Apartment

Potty training on the 28th floor

You’ve done your research to find the perfect puppy for your apartment life and you bought the toys and training aids. The phone numbers for your veterinarian and animal poison control are on the fridge, puppy classes are booked, and your homemade first aid kit is at the ready. Now the time has come to finally welcome home the new addition to your family, but there’s one problem: you’ve just entered the front door of your 28th floor apartment and your new puppy needs to go ... NOW!

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