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Mia Horberg

Mia Horberg
Mia Horberg is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Preventive Vet, and when she's not working, she is forcing her wife to watch Jeopardy!, producing Couch to 5k podcasts, but mostly playing helicopter parent to her Frenchie, Marshall Jolie-Pitt, and her exotic shorthair, Mazel von Schmear Visage. A lover of all animals, Mia is also lucky enough to volunteer at a rescue where she gets to cuddle goats, sheep, llamas, and turkeys every week.
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Recent Posts

Top Dog Products We're Thankful For

Let’s be honest, the year 2020 has not quite lived up to the expectations we had when it started. Also true is that our dogs have been the ones holding everything together.

Our dogs give us the opportunity to leave the house for an unreasonable amount of socially-distanced walks, make video conference calls better for everyone by randomly appearing on-screen, and are serious troopers dealing with stressed-out humans.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the Preventive Vet team started thinking about what we're most thankful for when it comes to caring for our pets this year. What products and activities have made it easier for us? What do our dogs seem to love the most? Read on for the things that we've found most useful, entertaining, and comforting for our dogs and us.

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How to Make Your Dog a Thanksgiving Themed Stuffed KONG

Want to include your dog in the Thanksgiving feast? Make a Thanksgiving-themed stuffed KONG to give them during dinner (or while guests arrive). Not only is this a fun treat for them, it's a healthier way to include them in the festivities than to sneak them table scraps. Stuffed KONGs are a wonderful training tool to create positive associations with safe spaces, crates, visiting company, and other hustle and bustle.

Watch Cathy and Marissa in this Facebook Live to see 4 easy Thanksgiving stuffed KONG recipes:

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How to Carve a Photo of Your Dog or Cat Onto a Pumpkin

Carving your dog or cat's face onto a pumpkin is a super fun way to get the whole family involved in the festivities.

First, we'll go over how to make your pet's pumpkin stencil and then we'll get our hands dirty, open the pumpkins up and start the carving.

This photo is of my cat, Mazel, standing next to the pumpkin I made of our Frenchie, Marshall, last year. This year, it's Mazel's turn!

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Topics: Dog Safety, pet safety tips, Dogs, Cats, Halloween, Pumpkin

Photo Credit: Preventive Vet

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