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Here's where you'll find information about our live virtual events, life-saving pet health and safety awareness information to share on your social channels, and we've even got some fun extras for animal lovers of all ages.

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Yappy Hours are free monthly events to have your dog questions answered by experts. Join Cathy Madson, Preventive Vet's certified dog trainer and behavior expert, along with special guests, to discuss ways to keep our dogs happy, healthy, and safe. Get your questions answered with live Q&A for the second half of every event.

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Love Dogs? Love Books?
You're in the Right Place.

The first rule of Dog Book Club is talking about Dog Book Club ... or at least talking about dog books! If you love learning about dog behavior and strengthening the bonds between humans and our canine friends, come join your tribe for a twice-monthly virtual book club with Preventive Vet's certified dog trainer, Cathy Madson!

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Social Sharing is Caring: Pet Health and Safety Awareness Campaigns

Cat's and Lily Toxicity
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Household Dangers for Pets: People Foods
Household Hazards People Food
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Household Dangers for Pets: Items Commonly Found Around the Home
Household Hazards Everyday Items
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Pet Suffocation Awareness
There are additional shareable graphics and stories on our National Pet Suffocation Awareness Week page.

Just For Funsies

This one is dedicated to all of the cat owners whose feline friends won't let them get any beauty sleep. We present "Feed You Now".

The next time you want to jazz up your dog's walk routine and give your neighbors the ol' razzle dazzle, the "Poop Scoopin' Boogie" is a great place to start.