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    Taking Your Cat for a Walk: How I Leash Trained My Cat

    If you’ve ever considered taking your cat for a walk, it can be a great way to introduce your inside cat to a safe and enriching outside experience. I have had both outdoor and indoor cats, and although it’s a much safer option for cats to be inside, there’s no reason you can't have your cat enjoy the outdoors. We have a great article on How to Walk Your Cat on a Leash, so I wanted to see if I could leash train my two cats and if they would enjoy walking outside.

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    Cat Enrichment: What To Do If Your Cat Is Bored

    Cats often exude an independent nature, making it easy to leave them home alone without the guilt. But, just like humans, cats crave and require interaction and mental and physical stimulation.

    Bored cats can get frustrated and begin to exhibit unwanted behaviors. You leave a cat alone long enough, and they can take out their frustrations in other destructive ways like scratching, potty accidents, or even aggression.

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    Kitten Shots — What Vaccines Your New Cat Needs and When

    Whether your cat will be indoors-only, venture outside from time to time, or live outside exclusively, one of the best (and easiest) ways to protect their health is to vaccinate early — and appropriately — against preventable infectious diseases. Vaccines are a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to keep your kitten from becoming seriously ill now or even later in life. And, when it comes to rabies, having your cat vaccinated is also a simple and effective way to protect yourself and others in your home, since rabies can affect people, too.

    There’s a lot to know, do, and keep track of when you get a new cat, so here’s an overview of the shots your cat is likely to need during their first several months of life and beyond. Take a look at the information below, but you should still talk to your vet to make sure your cat is getting just the right vaccinations they need  based on their individual lifestyle, health, and overall situation  and that they’re getting them at the right times.

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    5 Lessons All Children Should Be Taught – and Shown – About Living With Cats

    Growing up with a cat has many well-documented benefits for your children. From a greater level of empathy and better social skills to a lower risk of allergies, growing up with cats can be great for your children. Along with all of the benefits though, come some dangers — both for the children and the cats.

    Whether you’re a parent, aunt/uncle, grandparent, or just a friend to someone with kids you need to stay aware and vigilant. Adult awareness can help prevent problems and ensure that the balance stays on the side of the benefits. Here are five crucial lessons that all children should be taught about living — or even just interacting — with cats.

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