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    Car Travel With Cats — Road Trips & Moving

    For most of us, the thought of taking a drive with the cat in the car is probably not that appealing. But believe it or not, if a cat is properly acclimated and conditioned to riding in a car, they will actually learn to really love it. And you will too!

    During the summer months and around the holidays, many of us plan or go on family vacations and more commonly families are including their furry feline. The summer is also a busy time for people buying and selling homes, which sometimes means a long-distance move.

    Hopefully, your cat is young or has not had a traumatic experience in the car, making your upcoming road trip more viable. Don’t despair if this is not the case, even “more mature cats” can be taught new car riding tricks.

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    Removing the Fear and Anxiety From Your Cat's Vet Visits

    Fear-Free Vet Visits - How Wonderful!

    If you’re a cat lover, you should also love the new shift within the veterinary profession. It’s called the Fear Free movement - and it’s a movement that’s super important… and long overdue.

    The Fear Free movement is a recognition (finally) that one of the greatest barriers that keeps cats from getting the veterinary evaluations and care they need isn’t the cost of veterinary care, nor the busy lives that pet owners lead (although both of these reasons certainly are contributing causes). Rather it’s the stress and anxiety that cats show, and the anxiety that their people anticipate and perceive, when undertaking a trip to the veterinarian’s office.

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    Cat Stress: Causes and Solutions

    Just like with humans, cats can experience stress that may cause them to act in unpredictable ways. One of the most common causes of cat stress is when they perceive their environment to be unpredictable or unsafe. If the environment does not provide the cat what he needs, he reacts unfavorably.

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