Could Your Dog Be Suffering From Separation Anxiety?

Does your dog panic when you're getting ready to leave for the day?

Does your dog stare at the door waiting anxiously for your return?

Are you coming home to find that your dog has chewed up yet another pair of shoes? These and other behaviors can be signs of separation anxiety.

Canine separation anxiety affects 1 in 7 dogs in the United States — is your dog one of them?

Take this free online quiz to find out.

You'll receive a personalized report that includes:

  • An assessment of the most common anxiety symptoms and your dog's severity score
  • Possible other reasons your dog might be showing these symptoms
  • Helpful next steps for training and behavior
  • An overview of treatment options
  • A way to easily share your dog's report with your dog trainer and veterinarian

Learn more about canine separation anxiety causes, symptoms, and Calmer Canine's new drug-free technology solution.